Best Mountain Bikes – Buying Guide and top picks

Best Mountain Bikes – Buying Guide and top picks

Mountain bikes are specifically engineered bikes to accommodate the needs of more extreme riders. First of all, there’s the issue of terrain on which mountain bikers ride – you can’t use just any bike, as the wheels, the rail, and the entire construction for that matter needs to “survive” these hazardous conditions.
On the other hand, these bikes are outfitted with special features that are best utilized under these circumstances. For instance, you’ll need a proper set of special brakes, the wheels have to be significantly more durable, and you’ll need a suspension system that can withstand crude play. Let’s jump straight to reviews, so that you have a clear picture of what we’re talking about:

Top 10 Mountain Bike reviews

We’ve compiled a list of top 10 mountain bikes, neatly organized into special price point categories, ranging from the best (and most expensive) out there, and the most affordable, yet highly valuable bikes we’ve come across:

Diamondback Bicycles Sync ‘r Pro 27.5 Hardtail Mountain Bike

A short overview:
Let’s open up our reviews of the best mountain bike models with a true representative of supreme quality – Diamondback Bicycles’ “Sync ‘r Pro” Hardtail bike. Generally, this is the most expensive item on the menu, but it’s worth every single cent, guaranteed.
Sync ‘r Pro comes supplied with an outstanding feature outfit, it’s among the most durable models, as well as the most versatile ones. However, it costs quite a lot, which is the only downfall, if not a deal breaker.
Manufacturer specs and features:
1. 6061-T6 Alloy frame
2. Fox Shox float fork
3. Shimano XT single ring with 11 speeds
4. Diamondback Blanchard tubeless-ready 28mm wide wheels
• Superior feature outfit
• Exceptionally durable
• Great versatility due to state-of-the-art technology and features
• Superb reliability
• Remarkable response and control
• One of the most expensive models in our review

Diamondback Bicycles Mason Hardtail Mountain Bike

A short overview:
Here we’re looking at yet another fine model from Diamondback Bicycles – the “Mason” hardtail bike. It’s extremely good for the cash, as it resembles the previous model in many ways (in terms of performance and versatility), but it comes equipped with a different set of features.
Nevertheless, this mountain bike boasts a wide array of qualities, among which reliability and performance are the most notable ones. Just like the “Sync ‘r Pro”, the “Mason” belongs to the “very expensive” price point category, but it’s somewhat cheaper when compared to the previous model.
Manufacturer specs and features:
1. 60161-T6 frame
2. Rocshox Sektor air spring with external rebound adjustments
3. SRAM technology – chain ring & disc brakes
4. Diamondback Blanchard tubeless-ready wheels
• Excels in aesthetics
• High level of performance
• Decently versatile
• Superb value for the cash
• Highly reliable and durable
• An exquisite feature set
• The tires are significantly wider when compared to “Sync ‘r Pro”, it might take you some time to adjust

Raleigh Bikes Tekoa Comp Mountain Bike

A short overview:
Raleigh Bikes’ products are among the finest in the fray, and we’re honored to introduce you to one of their best models – the Tekoa Comp mountain bike. It’s everything you’d expect from a high-end bike – fast, reliable, and easy to control, all that due to the remarkable set of features and technologies aboard.
This bike boasts a high level of versatility due to its peculiar design – it features lightweight components, including the featherless aluminum frame, Weinmann rims, and the exquisite Tektro Auriga disc brakes. You’ll benefit from a superb rate of control, as the bike is supremely responsive, in terms of both braking and speed changing. It’s not overly expensive, and it boasts a considerable value for the money.
Manufacturer specs and features:
1. Featherless aluminum frame
2. Sun Raidon rebound fork
3. SRAM NX technology
4. Narrow oval chain-ring
5. Tektro Auriga disc brakes
6. Weinmann U32 rims
7. Kevlar tires
• Astounding durability
• Highly responsive and easy to control
• High-end features
• No major flaws whatsoever

Diamondback Bicycles Atroz Dual Suspension Mountain Bike

A short overview:
The only reason why we’re reviewing a third model from Diamondback Bicycles is because this brand is simply superior – they have quite a menu of outstanding bikes, so we’ve decided to include a model that’s not in the “expensive” price range.
Namely, the “Atoz” is a bit more affordable, but it’s awesome in a plethora of ways. First of all, it features a durable aluminum frame (just like most of their bikes) outfitted with 4-inch travel suspension. This bike features 24 selectable speeds loaded on the Shimano drive-train.
Additionally, there are two Tektro Aires disc brakes which are supremely reliable and fast in terms of responsiveness. Last, but not least, there’s the SR Suntour travel coil suspension fork, one of the best for the buck. Generally, we highly recommend Atoz, unless you have the money to afford Diamondback’s more expensive models.
Manufacturer specs and features:
1. Durable aluminum frame w/ 4″ travel suspension
2. Shimano drive-train with 24 speeds
3. Tektro Aires disc brakes
4. SR Suntour travel coil suspension fork
• One of the most versatile and best mountain bikes in the price range
• Highly durable, nearly weightless features
• High-quality features outfit
• State-of-the-art technologies onboard
• Possible problems with suspension

Raleigh Bikes Tekoa Mountain Bike

A short overview:
We’ve taken a gander at yet another premium model from Raleigh Bikes, also from the “Tekao” series. Now, this model comes with a similar set of features when compared to its more expensive counterpart, but there are certain differences which are the reason why it belongs to a more affordable price range.
First of all, we’ll have to be clear on point that both bikes from the “Tekao” generation boast superb levels of versatility and performance. Now, the AL-6061 aluminum frame was unchanged with the superior model, just like the Suntour coil, but the drive-train is different.
This time, we’re looking at Shimano Altus speedrail, outfitted with 24 variable speeds. One of the older features is still here – the Tektro disc brakes. All in all, this model might be slightly inferior when compared to our top Raleigh mountain bike pick, but it’s more affordable in turn. It boasts quite a value for the buck.
Manufacturer specs and features:
1. AL-6061 aluuminum frame
2. Suntour XCT coil
3. 29″ fork
4. Shimano Altus speed shifters
5. Tektro disc brakes
6. 29 by 2.2″ tires
• High control
• Suitable for all-terrain travel
• Pretty versatile
• Great features
• Modest performance when compared to similar models

Polygon Bikes, Cascade 4, Blue/Red, Mountain Bike

A short overview:
Essentially, Polygon Bikes offers a wide selection of medium-priced mountain bikes, and “Cascade” is a true representative of their premium engineering. This bike is the largest in the series, even though it’s quite regular by usual standards. There’s a plethora of convenient features aboard, and the price is more than right.
Other than that, you can expect quite a lot, as long as you remember that this is not a high-end bike – the parameters of performance of this bike are significantly lower when compared to those of our top picks, but it’s pretty great for the cash, and among the best in the price range.
Manufacturer specs and features:
1. Lightweight AL6 alloy frame
2. Suntour XCM durable fork
3. Shimano 24-speed drivetrain
4. Trax tires & 27.5″ wheels
5. Mechanical disc brakes
• Sturdy and durable
• Moderately expensive
• Easy to use and control due to great responsiveness
• High-quality features
• Mediocre performance when compared to top picks

Merax Finiss 26″ Aluminum 21 Speed Mountain Bike with Disc Brakes

A short overview:
Merax’ Finiss is a beautiful mountain bike, before all else – it features an amazing, ravishing outlook that’s complemented by a high-quality feature outfit. On top of that, it comes in three vivid color variations, including the “Classic red and black”, the “Fashion gray and green”, and the “Style white and red”. It’s difficult to say which one would win if they were pitted against each other in a beauty contest.
Now, let’s see the features – there’s lightweight heat-treated aluminum frame which brings a promise of quality and durability, on which rests the pair of 26″ double-wall aluminum rims. You can switch between 21 speeds on your Shimano deraileur while relying on the mechanical disc brakes to have your back at all times. Overall, Meranx Finiss mountain bike holds a huge value for the cash.
Manufacturer specs and features:
1. Heat-treated aluminum frame
2. Double-wall rims
3. Shimano speedrail
4. 80mm suspension travel fork
5. Mechanical disc brakes
• Decently affordable
• Boasts a ravishing outward appearance
• Comes in three color variants
• Lightweight, yet durable construction
• Slightly inferior durability due to lightweight construction, but still pretty sturdy

Northwoods Aluminum Full Suspension Mountain Bike

A short overview:
We’re moving closer to the “budget” price point category, but, before we leave, let’s introduce you to one of the finest entry-level mountain bikes from Northwoods. Generally, this model is quite sought after, and it’s present in two borderline price point categories, but, even in the worst-case scenario, it doesn’t cost a fortune.
Now, this bike features a plain, classic mountain bike design – it’s outfitted with full-suspension aluminum frame, a set of 24-inch alloy rims, a 21-speed shifter mounted on Shimano speedrail, and more. It’s pretty durable, even for a budget bike due to high-quality materials, and it features pretty awesome performance levels. Overall, it’s good for the buck, and it’s safe to say that it’s one of the best in the price range(s).
Manufacturer specs and features:
1. Available in two color variants
2. Full-suspension frame
3. 24″ rims
4. 21-speed Shimano deraileur
• Decent durability
• Highly affordable
• A set of great features
• High control and easy braking
• The design is way too plain to be called “beautiful”

Kent Thruster KZ2600 Dual-Suspension Mountain Bike, 26-Inch

A short overview:
Sifting through the budget price point category, we’ve stumbled across several bargains that might intrigue you. One of those is Kent’s “Thruster KZ2600” mountain bike – a plain, standard, somewhat cheap bike, you might think, but it’s more than that.
Apart from its superb affordability, the Thruster comes outfitted with some high-tech specs and features. Furthermore, it comes outfitted with a remarkable suspension system, making a pleasant, comfortable experience from those nasty bumps.
Manufacturer specs and features:
1. 26″ aluminum suspension
2. 65mm suspension travel fork
3. Shimano Speed shifters, 21 speeds
4. Front disc brakes, rear pull brake
5. Alloy rims
• Excellent quality for an entry-level mountain bike
• Great affordability
• Stable, balanced construction
• Mediocre durability

ORKAN Mountain Bike Shimano Hybrid Mountain Bike 4 Color

A short overview:
Orkan’s hybrid mountain bike is the most affordable model in our review, but, contrary to what most people think, it’s highly valuable for the price. It features a humble set of exquisite Orkan features, including various adjustable settings, hybrid suspension, and lightweight construction.
Now, there’s a single bad thing about this bike – it’s pretty cheap, and, like most bargains, some of the features are less reliable than others. Even though this might turn you down a bit, you need not fret about a thing, as the benefits heavily outweigh the potential flaws.
Manufacturer specs and features:
1. Reinforced folding bike
2. Consolidated frontwheel
3. Adjustable seat and handle height
4. Power steel V-brake
5. Hi-Ten frame
6. 26″ suspension fork
7. Hybrid suspension
• One of the most affordable mountain bikes in our review
• Superb value for the money
• Decent durability
• Great features for an entry-level bike
• The front brake is not as reliable as the rest of the features


Finding a bike that suits you isn’t rocket science – every person has a list of special preferences, and, according to them, you should search for the optimal balance between the benefits the model offers, and that the downfalls aren’t a deal-breaker. We hope that you’ve found our review of the top mountain bikes as helpful, and we wish you good luck on your search!

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